In life I have a few Mottos ..

Bitty little sayings that always pop into my mind …one of them is


YOU Only Live Once
and that is so true.. we don’t get a second chance… We only get one life and really .. we owe it to ourselves to make it the best life possible…..We can’t go back and do it all again.
Or can we?
Are we locked into the eternal wheel until we learn our lessons and step off?

Life is like a huge ferris wheel…

you go up and down and round and round.. sometimes it seems like you are forever at the bottom.. but the wheel turns.. from the bottom, you climb, higher and higher and as you get higher and higher, the view gets better.. life gets better.. sometimes you have to stop and wait for others to get on or off the ride…. but it always begins again.. it doesn’t stay stagnate forever.. it moves up again……all the way to the top and then turns yet again…. falling back down.

Life goes on.. the sun will shine tomorrow…
The sunshine may be clouded …
but it’s still there…
and sooner or later, those clouds are going to rain out..
bringing back the sunshine with rainbows….
On my 100th birthday.. as I blow the candles out with a blow drier….
I want to be able to reflect back and really be happy and proud of my accomplishments.



I want to look around at my huge family and friends and be able to truly say..

my life rocked..

it was the best

I want to grow old without regrets..
with no thought of
“Oh i really wish i had done that after all”…….

as I whittle away the long boring hours in a old folks home overlooking the ocean and mountain
I want to be able to replay the movies of my life in my mind over and over
and enjoy those highlights time after time

I really want to be able to wear across my sagging bosum








 you make it yourself…

if you want something.. then go out and get it…..

take the reins….

take control..

drive on and steer the wagon…..

don’t let life pass you by..

and when you do get to obstacles..

they are just speed bumps on the road….

designed to slow you down and make you think before any damage is done to your vehicle….

which…. would be….


If you are unhappy.. make changes.. be happy.. you have that right……

This is your life.. Yours and yours only.. make it good….

Cos this one is about you and only you.

Life.. Live it …..

hmm I think my next Tattoo is going to say..

One Life..No regrets….

How do you live your life?

Do you treat it as if life is precious…..?

Do you think each day is a gift and not a given right………………?

and what is the one thing that you want to do before you die?


Live laugh and Love with Liberty for Life

© 2018, Mayet. All rights reserved.