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            Screens are all around me in front of my very eyes. My life is full of seeing them and it makes me want to cry I’m typing this little ditty on the screen in front of me and it makes me really wonder how life would be if all screen free I switch…

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Movement of the Mountain

Movement of the Mountain     The mountains and hills that erupt from the ground bring life to the water as it starts on it’s round gathering together falling faster the flow starting the movement for the wind that will blow The water that falls runs to pools in the rocks decaying and rotting all movement just stops along comes…

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To Dream

To Dream I cannot write a simple line for my memories are muddled the stresses of this thing called life to my brain are somewhat fuddled to remember what the love was to reminisce about the romance thinking of the times you touched me make my soul yearn for the dance times have changed the clock marched on forward…

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Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather always stick together, well all birds stick together to get what they want successfully I have thousands of birds come to visit me daily and it is fascinating to see the various species interact and the true order of things The Bin Chick Tip Turkeys The Ibis gets first choice, guarding the entire playing field…

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Top Blogging

Mayet’s tribute to the Lost and sadly missed  Myspace Blogosphere which contain some of the most genius creative thought provoking funny writing ever seen and published in this suppressed world we live. Top Blogger I’ll never be a top blogger and have the fans fall at me feet I won’t attract all those stalkers who follow bloggers like dogs…

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Introducing Mayet – Poetry

Introducing Mayet. Poetry is the music of the written word that touches the ears and soul in a rythym and movement that undulates and waves in a way that is pleasing and moving to the senses. Good poetry will move you in time and space. You will feel it inside of you bringing a change to your emotion. Many…

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Redemption   My heart seeks a strong redemption Freedom from your lying chains The sun is beset by storm clouds but it’s time life was lived again   I am alone I see you out there bound by your pathway full of fears A never ending winding journey That snakes on and on throughout the years   It is…

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Poetry through time   Down through time mankind has worked lifetimes to record their day to day struggles and life for the generations to come. Not all the literature written, painted, or sculptured survives the test of time and of that which does survive in recorded form, barely any of it is known to the people of today.  …

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Alpha and Omega

    Knowledge Logos The serpent Ouroboros   Feasts of the Times: A Feast for the First Night of the Prophet and his Bride Questions taken from Scene IV   Today is all about the alpha and Omega, the beginning and the End. Knowing and not knowing with everything in between. Sometimes the end is not the beginning sometimes the…

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