19 The Sun brought to you by the atus 11 1 and 11

The Beginning of the Book Of Thoth

Opening Of Our Sun

The Birth of the Sun

From the Seed


The sun has two sides.In side and Outside


The inside is Limited The Outside is limitless


There is no more


From Inside we have Positive, that which is limited and reduces

From Outside we have Negative that which is limitless and expands

Positive 1 (matter) Inside can only connect with that from within

Negative Outside, which is the sum of the inside, is unlimited.


As everything is..



The limitless unlimited is subjected to your limits

your limits are subjected to by the limitless unlimited


0I I0


As you can see in the picture above this is what Crowley Called his Sun Card

 all sprang from the the spring of the sun


Unlimitable Limits


The Sunflower



To Be Continued

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